The idea

by Dani
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain
How to get the idea to travel around the world? I must admit - the idea was mine. I have always been drawn to other countries and even as a child I did not like to go back home from vacation. Travelling, seeing other countries and meeting new people I find really exciting! Life is so short, so that I like to discover other parts of the world. After my little brother Erik has then demonstrated it to me with his world trip, I kept thinking to realize this as well. Michael had basically the same thoughts because he likes to travel, and we also talked often of a longer trip. So I only had to “infect” him with the travel virus ;-). So I raised the issue last year over Christmas at Michael, who also liked the idea, but apparently did not expected that I would really put this into action. Since to both of us was clear, however, that we would not make such a trip with children and we actually (soon) still want to have children, it was clear to me that the journey should take place soon - preferably immediately. From this point the journey was "unstoppable". Michael liked the idea ​​also better, why I spoke with my parents about it in January, whether they agreed with it. As my father and I are joint partners and self-employed, I needed to clarify whether that was okay for him - what was it ultimately. I also had the idea to combine the trip with a professional purpose. Since we work with worldwide partner offices and colleagues, this trip was absolutely ideal to visit the local colleagues, what I always wanted to do anyway before. After Michael also got the OK from his boss, our idea could become real!

2 thoughts on “The idea

  1. Schneider

    Von Isolde, Mama von Michael….
    Meine Gedanken:
    Das ist der Wahnsinn, was für eine Reise. Ich sehe euch erst wieder im Februar 2015. Hört sich wie eine Ewigkeit an…….. ist es aber nicht! Es wird für euch ganz sicher eine spannende und erfahrungsreiche Zeit werden!

    Gedanklich reise ich einfach mit, so zu sagen als “Leichtgepäck”… Man hört und sieht mich nicht und trotzdem bin ich dabei.

    In 2 Stunden werdet ihr euer 1. Ziel erreichen! Buenos Aires! Habe über diese Stadt im Internet gelesen! Wird spannend und aufregend!

    Habt viel viel Spaß Und (jetzt kommt der berühmte “Mamaspruch”) passt gut auf euch auf! Bis bald


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