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Hello to everyone!

by Dani
To most readers, namely our friends and relatives, we do not have to introduce ourselves. For everyone else here a short statement to us. Michael is 37 years and professionally IT-ler for 1/3, for 1/3 business manager, and for 1/3 banker. I, Dani, I'm 38 years old and a 100 % lawyer. As a couple this combination may sound a little boring, but it is definitely not ;-)! As said, it is not at all boring and because we want to have together a lot of fun in future, we got engaged recently and want to get married on our trip. The trip, which we report here on, was both our dream since we both love to travel and want to see something more of the world. Michael has already been travelling in South America, Canada, United States and Japan. I have seen Europe, USA and South Africa and have even spent some months living and working in South Africa. Since we both also love sports and nature, it was clear to us that we also want to pack these elements in our journey. Ultimately, however, we share the idea that life is much too short to only dream ones dreams and not to live them. Therefore, we start at the 08 November 2014 our dream and will hopefully show you dreamlike pictures and reports ...! Have fun reading! LET'S GO!!

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. benoit simon

    Hello Michal,

    When I see the pics, I imagine you enjoy a lot your trip. Lucky Guy !
    Could contact me, via lync or Skype (my pseudo is benoitsimon14)
    I would like to communicate you some info from Lux.:)

  2. Schneider

    Von Isolde
    Ich bin Mama von Michael,
    Was soll ich sagen, Wahnsinn diese Reise!!!!
    Mama’s bleiben mit ihren Bedenken zu Hause!
    ABER…. ich habe mich entschlossen mit zu reisen!!!!
    So zu sagen als “Leichtgepäck” man hört mich nicht…. Aber ich kann euch streckenweise begleiten! Danke euch dafür!!!!!


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